Do not buy diesel cars just by looking at mileage, remember these 4 disadvantages too

disel cars

There is a special demand for diesel vehicles in India.  Automobile companies also launch petrol as well as diesel variants, keeping in mind the demand of customers.  But in the last nearly one year, diesel car sales have come down.

Actually, after the introduction of BS-6 Norms in India, all the auto companies are making less diesel cars.  There are many reasons behind the demand for diesel cars in India.  Diesel cars give more mileage than petrol.

Often people who travel long distances daily prefer to buy diesel cars than petrol.  Because traveling with petrol proves expensive.  But never blindly buy diesel cars

1. There are many disadvantages of buying a diesel car.  Diesel cars produce more NO2 than petrol.  Which is harmful for the environment as well as health.  This is why CNG and electric vehicles are being promoted in cities like Delhi.

2. Diesel-driven vehicles are serviced in higher amount than petrol cars.  That is, as the diesel car gets old, maintenance will cost more than the petrol car.  Apart from this, the life of diesel engine is also less as compared to petrol engine.

3. The most important thing is that when you buy a diesel car, it is more expensive than a petrol car.  Which has to be paid at the time of purchase.  In such a situation, you can calculate yourself what is in savings.

4. Apart from this, the price of insurance is also higher than petrol powered vehicles.  If you do not travel very long, then it is better to buy a petrol car.  Diesel cars prove more beneficial for those who have to drive long continuously.

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