Jugaad's awesome, diesel-powered bullet gives a mileage of 100


Mechanic Naushad Ansari is famous as Bullet Raja.  Those who modify bikes with them are crazy about their art.  They have modified about 35 bikes so far.  His modified bullet gives a mileage of 100.  He started this work 2 years ago.  In the beginning, he modified his own bike, which earned him a lot of praise.  Naushad runs a shop in Bhari, located in the district headquarters of Korea, Chhattisgarh.

Naushad Ansari modified the old bullet of 1980, giving it a new look and turning it into a diesel bike instead of petrol.  Initially, after changing his own bike, he got orders to modify three bullet bikes, which also gave him recognition.

Naushad Ansari said that it costs 25 thousand to 35 thousand rupees to modify a bike.  These expenses increase according to the model.  There is work not only on parts, but also from lucrative painting to welding.  The special thing is that according to the demand of the customers, they give them a completely different and special look.

Bullet Raja Naushad Ansari said that they can increase the speed of the bike along with its mileage.  Many people come to them to get bike modified.  There are still craze among the youth regarding the bikes of the old model.  He says that it has been 20 years since he worked as a bullet.  He has so far modified more than 5 bullets into a diesel bike.

Most of the youth buy old bullets and get parts of their choice, so that they look like old models.  They provide yellow wheels, different handles and lights (LED).  Silencers that are installed in the new bullet do not have much sound, while those who get the bullet modified, demand that silencers be installed, whose voice is more.

The surprising thing is that Bullet Raja in Diesel Bullet keeps him with a new look, his voice is very similar to the real bike, whereas despite the diesel engine, it is very difficult to expect a bullet-like sound from the bike.

However, under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 any change made in the factory model is considered illegal.  Any change that increases the cause of vehicle by 10 percent should be with the cognizance of the manufacturer and the regional transport office.  Here let us tell you that this diesel bullet has been invented on the demand of Bullet Raja people of Chhattisgarh Korea district.  Like other motor bikes, those who are fond of bullet will now be able to enjoy more mileage at a lower cost.

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